Guide dog Bebe and owner Barbara are inseparable

The story of Barbara Jovany and guide dog Bebe are nothing short of a fairy tale. Bebe started her life as a stray and yet managed to become a guide dog. Barbi is living with multiple disabilities and had to fight a brain tumor as a toddler. In September, the pair passed their traffic safety test.

On this occasion, dog trainer Darinka Farkas shared some passionate words about the duo. “ Barbi and Bebe are one of my favourite teams. Bebe was found as a stray and joining the guide dog school made her a wonderful, kind and happy dog. Barbi, on the other hand, had to live with a brain tumor as a toddler and then lost her mother at the age of 6,” Darinka said. 

Barbi is still fighting cancer today and the repercussion of chemotherapy; she has audio sensitivity and developed epilepsy. She is taking daily experimental medication to control the seizures, which as a result have become less frequent.

“Barbi lives on her own,” said dog trainer Darinka, and “is much liked in her native town  Dunaujvaros. Her only raiming family member is her brother/sister, so her dog Bebe is truly her rock. Their loving relationship is a wonderful reminder of why I do my job. Seeing them together I feel very proud and I congratulate them on their successful traffic safety exam.”