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Our supporters’ donations are highly important to us as with their help we can train more guide dogs for the blind and can give them to owners for free.
Articles of Association can be downloaded in doc format from the link below: AMENDED AND CONSOLIDATED DEED OF FOUNDATION

Baráthegyi Guide Dog and Service Dog School Foundation is a responsible foundation, its accounting is transparent, available for all.
We think it is important that our supporters know how we work, how we use our resources, our non-profit and financial statements broken by year can be downloaded in pdf format from the link below:

You can check the official data of our foundation in the database of National Judicial Office by clicking on the follwing link:

Office-bearers of the Foundation

1. The founding mother of the Foundation: Barna Ildikó.

2.The individual exercising the founders’ right of the Foundation: Jakubinyi László (email address:

The Founder of the Foundation as defined in section 1 and the person(s) exercising founders’ rights as defined in section 2 as well as persons joining later who acquire founders’ rights and their relatives cannot receive support above the services that can be used by anyone and may not be beneficiaries of the Foundation. ” (Organisation Constitution 7.4)

Supervisior of the Foundation: Lugosi Lászlóné (email address: )

The Supervisor is entitled to receive remuneration – three times the all-time base salary of civil servants – for his/her work once a year, which is due in the month following the adoption and deposit of the annual financial statements.” (Organisation Constitution 10.13)

Members of the Board of Trustees

chairman: dr Mezősi Tamás (phone number: 0630/579-87-87, email address:

secretary: Kériné Lukács Zita (email address:

rapporteur: Lékáné Viszokai Katalin (email address:

“The members of the Board of Trustees are not remunerated or given an expense allowance for their work performed in that capacity” (Organisation Constitution 8.24)

The Board of Trustees hold an ordinary meeting every Monday of each month at foue o’clock in the afternoon at the headquarters of the Foundation. The draft agenda of the meeting is posted on the billboard of the Foundation by the Secretary a working day before the meeting and also provides information thereof by phone or e-mail. The meetings of the Board of Trustees are public that may be restricted in certain cases specified by law.The Secretary informs the interested party about the decisions of the Board of Trustees in writing. The email address of the secretary of the Foundation: