Gesztenye (Chestnut) has Stolen the Show on her Owner’s Graduation Ceremony

Ms Erzsébet Borsodi received her diploma of Széchenyi University in Győr. Her guide dog stood beside her, who escorted her every time, therefore she also received a memorial certificate.

The celebrating audience greeted Gesztenye and Erzsébet Borsodi with standing ovation. One of the most touching moments was when they took their diploma. Her university mates at Community and Civic Studies major explained why they closed the yellow Labrador and her owner to their hearts.

Gesztenye loved guiding me to the University. It was enough to tell her at home “University” and she was wagging her tail and happily set off, and she did not stop till the destination. Moreover, she did not want to go home before meeting every friend of us.

– Erzsébet said with a smile.

Gesztenye was a popular star of the University

Many immediately remembered, that Gesztenye greeted every classmate one by one and only after that, she took her place.

“It was a sweet scene when she leaped up and snuggled to you and you hugged each other.”


My memory is that on the very first day, by the time you told us not to feed him, we were a few who already gave her a piece of our sandwiches because she was begging with such “calf’s eyes”. I am still sorry for that. Well, it was impossible to resist her, then we learnt that it’s not allowed.

It probably wasn’t so funny to you, when we sent you to the basement by the elevator! Do you remember that? But afterward, we had a good laugh about it! We sent the elevator to the wrong level, to the basement instead of the ground floor! After some searching for the way, somehow, with great difficulties, you got back to the ground floor!

Erzsébet would like to give hope

Erzsébet Borsodi said that she has been working for years as a professional for child- welfare in Győr and besides, she has been working as a counsellor of issues of disability in Győr-Moson-Sopron County.

“My aim was with acquiring the master’s degree, to complete my tasks even better, with which I can create bridges between the majority of the society, the people living with disability and the helping professionals” – said Erzsébet after taking her diploma. She added that she, with her colleague working for child welfare, established the Beam of Hope group, where everyone feels at home and helps the community’s work with their best of knowledge. The group is made up of visually impaired and motor impaired people and persons living with mental health related conditions.

Gesztenye helps me to build relationships, and thankfully to her sweet nature, I can work in the best possible atmosphere in every situation.

– said Erzsébet.

We wish Erzsébet successful years in her work. We are very proud of training Gesztenye, who helps Erzsébet day by day in safe traffic and that she can count on Gesztenye’s love all the time.

The article on the graduation ceremony of the University is available here.

Pictures by Csaba József Májer