Géniusz is wired into people

Géniusz, in spite of his size, is a soft, sensitive dog, who likes doing the preparatory primer exercises. At the moment he is preparing to his future task at his trainer’s, Mária Nyíriné Kovács, so one day he can be the companion of a visually impaired person.

Géniusz is smiling happily at the side of his trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács
Géniusz and his trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács

Géniusz grew up in Solymár at a house with a garden, cared by the Meiszter family. The 14 years old Bogi Meiszter handled him prominently, confuting her young age.

The slightly muddy Géniusz is sitting next to his puppy educator
Géniusz and his puppy educator, Bogi

Géniusz treats dogs and other animals equally subtlety, adores people and desires love and care. He is trying to live up to the expectations.

Thanks to the Master's family for giving Genius a home and opening up the opportunity with their caring education to once again be a great companion for our visually impaired fellows.