From playful to excellent – Ikon

Ikon has been training with his owner, Sándor for more than one month. We made a video in March with his trainer, Nyíriné Kovács Mária in which we can get to know the journey of Ikon’s development to an excellent pupil. We are very glad for him in the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School.

Ikon is waiting for the next task heatedly
Ikon is waiting for the next task heatedly

Ikon was halfway through his training early in March when the video was made. The beautiful blonde labrador shows the doors and buttons with his head and sometimes very uniquely with his nose. It is very important for him to be able to show these things to his disabled owner.  “Ikon is a very great student, he likes showing different objects and completing tasks. When he finishes, he waits for the next lesson. “ – said Nyíriné Kovács Mária, the colleague of the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School.

A tired dog is a good dog

“Ikon loves completing excercises which tires him a lot. Thanks to this habit his former behaviour has got better. It is very tiring to guide, pay attention, walk in a crowd or search for objects. “ 

Ikon is still a very playful dog, he loves playing a lot. A life of a guide dog does not consist only of work. We think it’s very important.