Four new guide dog candidates have started our puppy education training

Since last week the youngest candidates in our guide dog team Fülöp, Flash, Frutti and Fecske have been preparing to their mission at their volunteer puppy raisers. Information on their improvement and adventures will be shared on a regular basis.

On the pictured Fecske (Swallow) the black labrador puppy guide dog is happily running...

We were extremely happy that following our last call many applicants came forward to become a volunteer guide dog puppy raiser. Many of them have already successfully participated in our intensive, interactive one-day training.

They could above all learn how to raise a puppy in a way that will allow them to become a qualified guide dog. During the conversations everyone was very open and eager. The four most enthusiastic volunteer let us know at the end of the course that they were yet ready to go ahead with this hard but very rewarding task.

We are very happy that more and more people intend to do something so that not only 1 % of blind people in Hungary could take advantage of the independence guaranteed by the help of a guide dog. For more pictures on the puppies, please check the following link:

Everyone is welcome in our volunteer team. In order to apply please click on the link below:
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