Four exams were successfully passed in September

Prizma, Orion, Noé and Piszke showed us how prepared and confident are the students graduated from our school.

Prizma and Zsuzsa passed the exam in Tata

Mutual respect, love and harmony were felt between Prizma and Zsuzsa throughout the exam. Prizma helped his visually impaired owner to maintain a balanced position and to provide stability while walking. They went along the drawn-out exam route in a balanced way and without any problems, they even got on a bus.

Roland and Orion dazzled the examination committee in Budapest

As they went on the road, the exam turned into a series of unexpected situations. In spite of that, Roland and Orion overcame all obstacles in complete harmony, without any problems. The examination committee rated their performance on five.

Noé and Dóri were confident even on the wet streets of Budapest

Despite the rainy weather, everything went well, even though Noé is a real aristocratic dog, he doesn’t like wet ground. He took care of Dóri’s footsteps as much as he did every day. They have a very nice and harmonic relationship, our trainer loved working with them.

Katalin and Piszke had a perfect exam in Miskolc

Katalin drew out a very long and complicated route on the exam, but she completed it with Piszke without any mistakes. Piszke lives together with his three friends in his owner’s house in Miskolc. When you visit them, you feel yourself in a dog paradise. The life of the family revolves around the four-footed all day long, so everyone is happy.

Opening image: Prizma