The Baráthegyi Guide Dog Scool  is Hungarian guide dog foundation since 2006. Our main activity is training guide dogs and getting them to visually impaired owners. In our first year we have already trained a guide dog and handed it to the new owner, and this number is growing from year to year, despite we don’t get financial support from the state anymore.

In Hungary not even 1% of the visually-imparied is helped by guide dogs, even though they are a bigger help than any kind of tool. Our success depends on the help of the voluntary supporters!

Our biggest professional success so far is training Rumi, who gained world-fame for our foundation. He is the first and until now, the only guide dog in the world who is able to indicate a coming epileptyc seizure.We took part on the World Congress of Guide Dogs in Tokio in 2014, presenting the Hungarian guide dog training with a poster-presentation of Rumi  and our successful introduction movie.

Since 2014 as the  Hungarian member of the  European Guide Dog Federation we were able to represent the Hungarian guide dog scools in the European Union.

As a result of a three-year accrediation process, we were admitted as a member of the UK-based International Guide Dog Federation in 2016. To qualify for full membership, such strict professional requirements had to be met that only less than 100 guide dog schools have fulfilled so far. The full membership is not only huge professional recognition, but also an enormous opportunity in our professional and scientific work to cooperate as a partner with the world’s best training organizations.

Since 2016 we have been training 15 guide dogs every year, only from private donations. This is a nice result, but it is still a fact that in England for example, from donations they manage to train a thousand dogs a year …


Baráthegyi Vakvezető Kutya Iskola csoportkép önkéntesekkel
Baráthegyi Guide Dog Scool with volunteers