Foreign Young People Met Hungarian Guide Dogs

Foreign and Hungarian young people visited us organized by the Lions Club of Miskolc. Firstly, everyone learnt the technique how they can help correctly visually impaired people correctly in the future. Then our experienced experts willingly told about their day-to-day life and guide dogs. Finally, the young people could try out how to get through an obstacle course with a white stick and their eyes blindfolded.

In the picture there is a blindfolded girl walking with a whit cane in a room around different obstacles.
Walking with a white stick

They could also experience what it is like to trust a guide dog.

A black Labrador in harness is leading a blindfolded boy in the picture. The others are standing around them.
Walking with a guide dog

Our guests participated in our awareness-raising program with great interest and attention. We hope that they gained useful experience during these few hours that we spent together.