First Puppy Summit Held after Quarantine Lifted

Following the easing of the lock down restrictions, our trainers and guide dog trainee puppies met in Miskolc for a social gathering. Both humans and canines spent a fun day together, playing and learning some new skills. 

The puppies started the day with freely running around in a big group, to release some of the extra energy. The free play session was followed by group work for all trainers and trainees.

After the hard work, we all enjoyed a little rest and chatted to each other during the lunch break. In the afternoon, everybody had a chance to try out what it feels like to walk the guide dog trainee puppies with a blindfold on, supported by another person. 

We all enjoyed the day very much, and all the dogs learnt some new skills. We are very grateful to our puppy host families for their hard work and dedication even in these strange times. Despite the current difficulties, our host families managed to spend valuable time with their puppies even during lockdown. It was heartwarming to witness when the puppies met their father, Cosby, at the end of their busy day!

We are very much looking forward to the next Puppy Summit in July!