Ferenc and Rézi passed their exams with flying colours

Ferenc Bobcsák and Rézi passed their road safety test on Thursday.

Rézi is Ferenc’s second guide dog, and he lives with Mézes, who has already retired. Rézi has integrated nicely into the family, they live together in love.

The traffic safety test was in Miskolc. They had to avoid a lot in the crowd on the downtown pedestrian street. Rézi skillfully guided Ferenc along the tram tracks. After crossing a traffic light, they continued along highway 3. The sidewalk here is narrow, especially near the buildings with scaffolding, and the multi-lane road is noisy, but nothing bothered the couple. Rézi led his master to the stairs of an underpass, from where they reached the Búza tér bus station. After landing, they continued in a neighborhood with a house with a garden. They didn’t have a problem with the cars parked on Ferencék Street and the dogs barking from all sides, they got home safely.

Rézi was also congratulated after the exam by her brother Rizling, who also became a guide dog for the blind. The picture shows them with their trainer, Emese

The owner is the first for Rézi

Rézi’s trainer, Emese Királyné Barkóczi, reported on her doubles exam as follows:

“Ferenc is an experienced and skillful dog handler, the examination committee emphasized that he developed an intimate relationship with his dog. For Rézi, his master is the first, he only pays attention to him. With his experience with his former guide dog, Mézes, behind him, Ferenc Rézi is as easy and confident as any of us. During the evaluation of the exam, they received only words of praise, no criticism.”

More guide dogs are needed in Hungary. Many people are waiting for a faithful companion at our foundation. Our waiting room has an average of 40-50 people. Currently, we have 12 dogs undergoing training, and if everything goes according to our plans, 30 puppies will be born at our place this year, which can become guide dogs next year.

Rézi received surprise guests

After the exam, Rézi met his puppy raisers and happily greeted György Mocsáry and Szilvia Mocsáryné Kácsor, because a dog never forgets those who raised it. The surprise guests got to know Ferenc and had a good chat about Rézi. Their example shows that the relationship between our puppy raisers and guide dogs remains even when they are already with their permanent owner. At our foundation, it has become established that the puppy raiser gets to know the visually impaired person with whom the pupil will be placed and that they will continue to be in contact in the future.

Rézi is a nice, calm dog, he really likes to work, it’s nice to live with him. Ferenc works as a massage therapist and Rézi is always happy to see him.

We thank the members of the examination committee for their work.

We congratulate our couple on their successful exam and wish them many happy years together!