Felhő in a School

Not only the sky was cloudy today…. we visited the first grade pupils of the Primary School of Fóti út with our skillful and charming guide dog-in-training, Felhő („cloud” in English), whom the children have been waiting with great excitement.The pupils experienced in games how to move ”blindly” with the help of a white cane or a guide dog.

In the picture a black guide dog is leading a little blindfolded boy. The dog’s leash is held by his trainer.
Felhő is guiding

In the meantime we talked about what you can and should not do when meeting a guide dog, for example, you should never stroke a dog when s/he is working. Then everyone could test whether they can recognize different objects just by touching them.

We could spend a happy afternnon in a very good atmosphere. We would like to thank the School of Fóti út for the invitation!