Family Day with Guide Dogs

At the end of last week we took part on the Family Day of BPO AUDIT TAX, which was held in the City Park in Budapest. The Company’s employees tried out eagerly what it feels like walking blindfolded with the help of a guide dog, tested themselves in our scent identification game and got acquainted with the tic-tac-toe game developed for the visually impaired Braille as well.

In the picture a guide dog is lying on the ground and being caressed by a little girl, whose mother is squatting next to her.
Frodo was a great success!

Many people were very interested and turned to us bravely with their questions. We talked at length about the training of guide dogs and how they can help their owners.

In the picture a small group of people is talking to our colleage.
We are talking.

The children spoiled Diamond, Delta, Demi, Fanni, and Frodo with caresses.

A guide dog is sitting in the picture. A little girl is standing next to him, stroking his head. Another little girl is also standing on the other side of the dog a little further.
Delta also deserves caresses

We would like to thank BPO for the invitation and the offered donation supporting the training of guide dogs.