Exam Day

What was the Big Day like for Kriszta and Ebu, Kriszta gives a touching account of their exciting day in the following letter.

“Exam Day”

Although 7 January was our Big Day, it started out like any other ordinary day. We took a walk to the park where Ebu could run around and play ball. The air was chilly but Ebu needs his playtime regardless of the weather.

“Is he as excited and full of anticipation as I am?”- I wondered. “Well, judging by his carefree mood and the way he is running up and down so cheerfully with the ball in his mouth, I doubt it.”

As soon as we arrived back home I quickly had my morning coffee and then I did some cleaning to get my mind off my awful exam fright. My heart kept racing so I really needed to do something that helped me relax a little. I had given His Highness a bath the previous evening so that he could appear in all his splendor in front of the examiners. Now I only needed to brush his beautiful, shiny black coat once again. At around 11 the board of examiners arrived. We greeted each other, exchanged smiles and then we were ready to go.

Although Tamás and everyone was extremely nice and they all tried to soothe me, I still felt very nervous. I felt that there was so much at stake. I knew that Ebu and I were good together and that he knew exactly what was expected of him, but still….


In the picture we can see Kriszta in a blue overall, holding a white cane. Ebu, the black labrador is standing.in front of her.
Kriszta and Ebu

Kriszta and Ebu

Our souls united on that Decemberday we first met, but it was very important for us to show this unity to the examiners today. We set off and I felt that Ebu knew that everyone was watching him and that in this next one hour we both must do our best.

And he did not let me down. Like always, he nicely, steadily guided me along the exam route. First we went to a place where I let him off the leash and then I called him in. This was followed by the obedience exercises. I was a bit worried because Ebu doesn’t like to lie down if the weather is too cold, like today. I guess he just doesn’t see the point in lying down on a freezing cold piece of concrete. But this time he did the task beautifully.

Now it was time for us to catch the bus. First we went to the bus terminus and from there we headed for the shopping centre. Ebu cleverly helped me dodge all the icy patches and other obstacles lying in our way in the streets.

We got to the shop in no time. I sat Ebu down outside and I went in. He waited patiently until I came out of the shop and rewarded him with a yummy, liver flavoured treat, his favourite.

Now we had to find the bus back home. We crossed a railway line and a busy junction and we got to the bus stop quickly. As we stood waiting for the bus in the freezing cold I was wondering whether we had done well enough to pass the exam… We didn’t have to wait long to find out. As soon as we arrived home we got the answer. When the examiners congratulated us on passing the exam I could hardly swallow back my tears. It’s official! From today on, Ebu and I are one pair! I can’t even express how wonderful it feels!

It’s so amazing to have official proof that in the next ten years or so I will always have a wonderful friend and a helper by my side. Only one thing can separate us but I hope it is a very-very long time from now. I think our success today is also the success of those, who raised and trained and cared for Ebu so that he could grow up into an exceptionally clever, gentle and loving guide dog. They gave me a dog who changed my life in many- many ways. Ebu is the best antidote for depression and anyone who suffered from this illness knows how much healing power a dog can have. He helps me when I’m sick, he helps me when I’m in pain and he helps me when I need to go out in the street.

Can we, people give more than this? No! I cannot imagine a bigger gift than giving new meaning to someone’s life.

Thank you Vera, Kata, and of course Tamás!

Wishing you all the best and many superb dogs like Ebu!

Kriszta and Ebuka”

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