Everness Festival with Guide Dogs

On Friday, we sent to the Everness Festival in Balatonakarattya, where participants could choose from among a wide variety of colorful programs. It was a great pleasure for us that a lot of people were interested in guide dogs. Adults and children alike visited our tent and were very eager to participate in our programs. With the help of guide dogs Felhő, Dió and Trafi, everyone could try out what it is like when a guide dog watches over their steps while they cannot rely on their eyesight.

In the picture a little girl is just about to start out with a guide dog, a black Labrador. The dog’s trainer is standing on the other side of the dog.
Ready to go?

The dogs impressed everyone with their skillfulness and knowledge and got a lot of caressing and treats. The participants were very interested: we talked a lot about the training and guide dogs. The scent recognition game, the tic-tac-toe developed for the visually impaired as well as Braille was a great success.

The day was spent in excellent spirits. Thank you to the organizers for the invitation and the participation for everyone who was with us!