Ever Since We Found Each Other, Everything Has Fallen into Place

What is the first thing to come to mind when you want to give thanks? This is the question we asked before Easter, so that we can give our readers an insight into the thoughts of our visually impaired friends, inseparable from their guide dogs.

We were not only interested in their feelings towards their dogs. We wished to know how their gratitude is manifested in the important moments of their lives.


Obviously, most people think of their families first of all, when it comes to giving thanjks. Írisz Sáfrány, a lady living in Győr, was eager to say how grateful she was to her parents for what they had done for her.

I am grateful to my mother who raised me to be independent, even though I never had the chance to have a glance of her. She brought me up the very same way as my sisters, so that I could stand my ground in life. I am grateful to my loving husband who loves, helps and supports me, this is why we complement each other so well. He married me even though I am blind and he can see well.

“I have much to thank for. First of all, I am grateful to those who have raised me, even though they were not my real parents. As an adult, I am grateful for having my wonderful children, and finding my sweetheart with whom we have already spent 8 years together” – says Anna Maria Pesa from the capital.

Ágota Lukács from Szolnok feels the same way: “I am grateful to my parents for the basic values they have taught me, which still give me strength and guidance.”

“I am most grateful to my family, simply for being there for me. I am also happy to have friends who stand up for me in any situation. I can always count on them” – Brigitta Berta from Csömör says.

Guide dogs

Some of our respondents feel the greatest gratitude for their guide dogs and the immense difference these animals have brought into their lives. Once again, it has been proved that guide dogs do not “only” assist the visually impaired in traffic.

Mihály Dombai lives with his family in Tahitótfalu. His guide dog joined them a few years ago.

I’ve always had an active and good life, but it is Körte I am the most grateful for. Since my blonde princess moved in with me, my life has become even better. Indeed, I have never thought I could ever be so free, independent and happy with her. I owe this happiness to her and I thank her every day. 

Before I got her, I hadn’t known what I’d been missing out on. I always knew I was missing something, but I thought it was because I was a restless, busy person. And of course I am, but now the two of us can do anything together. It’s not just big words. It’s true. I can count on her in quite impossible and incredible situations and that’s a miracle, let me tell you. We’ve been together for a couple of years now, but she always has something new to show me. She’s amazingly clever and just as active as I am. We both love water, we both love exercise.

One evening we were walking home from the gym. There was a gale, the weather was really terrible. I was wallowing in self-pity for having to rush home from the top of the hill in this weather.Then after
a hundred yards I suddenly noticed my pup was having her nose up and also her tail up, wagging. She was overjoyed to lead me home. At that moment something changed in me and I actually started to enjoy our walk. It was a very, very good experience. When we got home I was kissing her muzzle all over. I love her so much and I am absolutely grateful to the Foundation for the opportunity to be together with her.

– Mihály Dombai says.

Dóra Pozsgay also thinks first of her guide dog when we ask her about gratitude. Ében (Ebony) is now retired and spends his autumn years with Dóra’s family. His job has been taken over by Noé (Noah).

“First of all, I’m grateful that Ében is still with us and I can pet him to pieces. He has opened up a brand new world for me. I’ve made a lot of new friends, I’ve been able to travel abroad, I’ve found a hobby that has kept me occupied every since, because I’m always up for a bit of mindset training. I’m grateful to the Baráthegyi Dog School. They have done their utmost to ease my everyday life with Noé. And I want to give thanks for having this great big goof by my side, who makes my life more beautiful every day.”

Her dog has profoundly changed Írisz Sáfrány’s life, too:

“Without my dear Dolly, I would be completely lost. She came into my life when I hit rock bottom and even quit my job. Ever since she has been with me, everything is back to normal, I am back at work and there is no place we can’t go together. With him, I can do all the tasks that other wives do.”

Some people mention a single strong emotion when it comes to their faithful companions: “I am grateful for my dogs, for the endless and unconditional love they give me” – Brigitta Berta says. She lives with retired Morze and the active guide dog Amstel.