Erzsi and Gesztenye Passed the Exam

Erzsi and her guide dog, Gesztenye, passed the exam in magnificent harmony in Győr.

Out of the three routes learnt, Erzsi managed to pull out the most complicated one, which did not disrupt the team at all. The big challenge began at the home of Erzsi and Gesztenye. At first, the well-trained dog had to prove that she can carry out the obedience tasks – sit, stand, lie down, stay – without any error, if the owner requests it. Then they headed for their destination, a cafe. Along the way, they travelled by bus, crossed a busy intersection and skillfully bypassed people in the crowd of a pedestrian street. Reaching the café the team went home, where their exam ended.

In the picture Erzsi is squatting and hugging Gesztenye, w yellow Labrador, who is sitting beside her.
Erzsi and Gesztenye

The return journey had some excitement: they ran into a roadblock of bikes. Gesztenye was about to turn Erzsi back in the right direction, but the bikers excused themselves and pushed their bikes away. Erzsi even had the presence of mind to say thank you and choose the cleared way to combat a bit exclusionary attitudes: if they were so kind as to let her go, she would go there. Then they went home without any problems and welcomed the lot of praises for their great performance.

We’d like to congratulate the team on their excellent traffic safety exam!