Ervin and Vackor Completed their Exam in Pouring Rain

The traffic safety exam was in the district 11, Budapest, the double had to get to the place where Ervin Krekács works.

The rain did not make the situation easier; they got plenty of splashes, the thick drops of rains muffled Ervin’s hearing which hindered his orientation, nonetheless, they performed beautifully. Ervin is a well experienced guide dog user, after Bogyó (Berry) and Tex, now he continues on his way of life with Vackor. He loved all of his dogs, and he provided lot of playing and resting for them beside work.

We thank to Zsuzsanna Kreszta and her family with grateful hearts for raising up Vackor with love. We thank very much for Mária Nyíriné Kovács for training such a wonderful mate for Ervin! We thank for the work in the exam committee to Enikő Bajnóczy, Kata Rózsa and Piros Komondi.

Congratulations to Ervin and Vackor!

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