Equal Opportunity Day with Guide Dogs

We had a wonderful day at the Equal Opportunity Day organized in Székesfehérvár! Many people were interested in our little team.

In the picture Gandhi, a chocolate brown Labrador is leading a blindfolded girl Gandhi’s trainer is in front of them.
Gandhi and a brave volunteer

Ropi, Dolly and Gandhi – the three retriever dogs–in-training were happy to show what it feels like when a visually impaired person rely on  the watchful footsteps of a guide dog. The event  was opened by the Mayor of the city and he was the first who tried to walk with Gandhi, a chocolate brown Labrador. Then children and adults alike performed the unusual task.

In this picture Dolly, the golden retriever is about to start off with a little boy who is grabbing Dolly’s harness. He is assisted by Dolly’s trainer.
Dolly had also a huge success!

Those who were interested had a special experience, while our dogs got lots and lots of treats during the day.