Equal Opportunity Day with Guide Dogs

Dió, Delta, Diamond and Lego in action again! We attended the Equal Opportunity Day programs in Izsófalva and Kazincbarcika organized by Holdam Association. We met a lot of nice, interested and open pupils who participated in our programs with great enthusiasm. In addition to getting acquainted with the guide dogs, they could experience what it is like to travel in a wheelchair and have a glimpse of the world of people with hearing impediments.

In the picture there is a blindfolded young boy who is just about to start out with a black guide dog holding his harness in his hand. The trainer of the dog is standing in front of the dog on the other side of whom there are two boys watching them.
Let’s go!

At our table everyone tried out what it is like to walk with a guide dog and asked many questions about visually impaired people and guide dogs. They wondered, for example, how blind people are supposed to know where to take off the bus or the tram or how they find their way around their own home and how their guide dogs can help them. After our visually impaired colleague answered all the questions, it could not be missed out to write in Braille either.

In the picture a young man is using the Brailler. Next to him there are two pupils watching him.
This is how to write Braille

We would like to thank for the invitation! It was a pleasure to work with such a great team!