Equal Opportunity Day with Guide Dogs

We took part in the Equal Opportunity Day event organized by Esélyek Háza (House of Opportunities) in collaboration with the staff of Northern Hungarian Centre for the Visually Impaired.

In the picture there is a group of people standing. In fron of them there is a lady facing the group. Beside her there is a black Labrador in harness.
Equal Opportunity Day

It was good to meet again with colleagues who have their own areas of expertise and work for the acceptance of people with disabilities just as we do. There have been handicapped, hearing impaired, and visually impaired people. We were very different and fortunately there were many sound people who were also interested.

There is a little boy in the picture crouching between two black Labradors in harness.
A brave interested boy

Those who were not there most probably wish they had been. Join us next time!