We participated in a program organized in Miskolc on the occasion of the Festive Book Week with the associates of North Hungarian Rehabilitation Center for Visually Impaired People. Those interested could try out what it feels like walking with a guide dog with the help of Bodza,

Our team was participating in a Children’s Day event at Pais Dezső Primary School in Békásmegyer.The children were able to experience through playful activities what it is like being blindfolded and walking through the school yard with the assistance of a white cane or a guide dog.

We participated in Children’s Day in Mozgásjavító Álatlános Iskola (Motion Correction Elementary School) in Sály. We were greatly welcomed by the children. Diamond, the demonstrator dog, approached every pupil for some caresses. Beside caresses he got a lot of hugs and dog treats.

With the help of Dió,

We took part in the Health Day of István Széchenyi Catholic Primary School (Széchenyi István Katolikus Általános Iskola) in Füzesabony. Pupils could learn lots of useful information about guide dogs, for example, why they should not be disturbed while working. Then everyone could try out what it is like to walk with a guide dog with the help of Bodza,