On the picture you can see the nose of Bodza is the  coldest, while the eyes are the warmest 🙂
Night of the researchers in connection with guide dog program sensitizing surprised the staff of the Bay Zoltán Applied Research Coordination Agency. Institute for Logistics and Production Systems (BAY-LOGI),

Lasted from 21 September 2014 until 27 the chief developer guide dog camp, which is unprecedented in Hungary. The camp is intended to ensure the professional program in Hungary a guide dog from traveling in different settlements of visually impaired people – regardless of which entity was the dogs – who are willing to transport dogs could develop in any area of the dog or cohabitation.

Last week, our trainer Piroska Komondi and Diamond the guide dog participated on presentation organized by Borsodi Állatvédőrség (Borsod County Animal Protective Guard) responsible about animal care. Piroska in her presentation said a lot of useful informationabout  the guide dogs in Miskolc Ferenc Kazinczy General and Hungarian-English Bilingual Elementary School for fifth-grade pupils.

Today one of our couples, Éva Szalóki  with her guide dog Frida,  passed their traffic safety exam in Eger, prepared for a very difficult exam tasks. The more it is done is the result of months of practicing, as it is very much solved the tasks.