We participated in Kolor Festival in Kazincbarcika together with the workers of Rehabilitation Centre for the Visually Impaired in Northern Hungary. Many people were interested in our programme, where children and adults alike could experience what it is like to solve everyday tasks without eyesight.

Csaba has been helped by his beloved four-legged friend, Enya for eight years in his travels. As the charming guide dog grew old, she could perform her duties in the hustle and bustle of  the big city with increasing difficulty, sothe time has come for her to start a well-deserved retirement.

LEO, the youth organization of the Hungarian LIONS Clubs, organized an international camp and exchange program with French, German and Hungarian young people. Under the program, we met twice with their team. First, they joined us in a cheerful excursion, where they got acquainted with our visually impaired friends and their guide dogs and one of our trainers. 

Our new team, Alexa and Fahéj have just recently met one another. Alexa, who is from Dombovar, lives a very active life: she likes playing the violin, riding and running, she is like a true perpetual-motion machine. Fahéj, who grew up in a loving environment rich in experiences in her volunteer puppy raising family,