We took part in the Health Day of István Széchenyi Catholic Primary School (Széchenyi István Katolikus Általános Iskola) in Füzesabony. Pupils could learn lots of useful information about guide dogs, for example, why they should not be disturbed while working. Then everyone could try out what it is like to walk with a guide dog with the help of Bodza,

We participated in the Students’ Council Day of Lőrinc Szabó Elementary School in Miskolc in response to the invitation of class 8N. The pupils greeted us with great enthusiasm. With the help of Bodza, the guide-dog-in-training, many pupils could try out what it feels like to walk with such a wonderful four-legged helper.

Our friends using a guide dog participated in the spring Rehab Critical Mass march on Sunday. Dóra Pozsgay, who took part in the march with her guide dog Ében, recalls her experiences:

“This day was just as any other days. However, instead of lunch at noon,