In the next part of Baráthegyi Ambassador Program we asked Andris Angyal, who became a favorit of the country in Hungarian television program ’’Szombat Esti Láz” (Saturday Night Fever). The professional dancer had the chance to try out what it feels like to walk with a guide dog and then he shared with us his experiences how it feels when a four-legged friend watches over his steps.

Our latest video has just come out. This time a member of Hungary’s most famous acrobat brother duo, Ferenc Rippel talks about an extraordinary marathon run and why Baráthegyi Guide Dog School Program is important for him. Please welcome our latest short film.

We have launched ’Baráthegyi Ambassador Program, in which public and famous figures share what they think about visually impaired people. BRAINS band was the first to join the program. The band members participated in our program aimed to combat exclusionary attitured within the framework of a cheerful video shooting.

After Friday’s prom, the weekend passed in great excitement for Alexa and Fahéj. They wanted to bring out their best of themselves in Monday’s traffic safety exam. They have practiced independent walk and transport for months because the high school graduate  girl has big plans with her faithful four-legged companion.