Annamari Kardon practices on street pianos in Budapest. This time, she played in the underground station at Fővám tér. Her yellow guid dog Szikra (Spark) follows her everywhere, so even those who otherwise would not stop to listen to her music will surely give a minute or two to the pup.

We have completed the first electric car (e-car) – visually impaired pedestrian research in Hungary!

We have tested an e-car with the participation of a blind employee of our Foundation.

The reason for this was, that those vehicles which moving in stealth mode,

In the past few weeks, a lot of dogs have eaten the moldy walnuts that fell in the fall and were left under the trees. The life of our guide dog, Pixel, had to be saved. It is a big help for visually impaired owners if the sighted people nearby help them when they notice that the guide dog is eating something while running.