This is how we care about the wellbeing of our dogs

The dogs, in guide dog training are not only working dogs, but the member of our trainers’ family. Did you know that they only learn 3-4 hours a day? So, they have time for many things.

Good form-masters are concerned their former students, what happens with them during the years. We think the same way, that is why we check our senior dogs. Gandhi, the chocolate male dog looks the same as in his young ages, only on his chin and around his ears can be found grey hairs.

Citrom’s (Lemon) puppy raisers, went for the spring holyday to a place where they could not take their puppy, therefore Citrom got from Piliscsaba, from a house near the forest to a busy traffic point of the 11th district of Budapest, where the trams were passing in every minute and the final stop of the bus route 7 was near,