After a dog attack on Friday, a golden labrador from the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School had
to be operated on. Unfortunately, an amputation was necessary, but Gyömbér is now
feeling better.

A dog attacked Gyömbér and his owner, Barnabas Kiss, in Abaújszántó.

We begin the week with great news. Búza Timurné Vica and her dog, Latte have passed
the traffic safety exam in Budapest. Latte was trained by Mónika Köbli, and we thank
Szonja Rabné Váradi and László Rab for raising this beautiful golden labrador.

Nine labrador puppies came into the world at dawn today in Miskolc. The mother dog and the puppies are well and healthy. Baráthegyi Guide Dog School started its breeding program 3 years ago, in order to provide more talented and suitable dogs for the guide dog school,

Our charity’s main mission is to train guide dogs for the blind but when we meet a dog whose personality is better suited to becoming a personal support dog, we will train her as well. As Alma, the black Labrador was born to become a personal support dog,