As a former gamekeeper, Antal Puskás often walks the forests, he has had the national Blue Trail for a long time, but he continues to set new goals with his partner Gabriella. The last time they did 100 kilometers in 3 days around Baja with Indigo.

Zina had puppies four times and Gizella Ménesi was in at the birth of all, who had been our volunteer for long ages. We had a talk with her and our professional mentor, how the mother dog experienced the first birth and the period of puppies breeding.

The total number of trained guide dogs worldwide does not yet reach the pre-Covid pandemic level, this is the reason why the applicants have to wait longer for guide dogs. However, it is encouraging that more and more guide dogs are being trained and a record number of volunteers are taking up work at the training organizations – announced the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) in its statement.