Both of them were extremely clever, and after their exam was qualified excellent, Origo officially as well, became a personal service dog.
Our duo have proved that they know everything, which can happen in such a difficult exam, in a shopping centre in Szerencs.

Csaba Tanai and Szamóca passed their road safety exam.

Dodging the people and shopping carts in the Pólus Center gave Szamóca a good
opportunity to show how she is prepared for the exam. Our guide dog indicated the curbs
nicely, Csaba exactly started the dog when crossing the road,

16th November marked the International Day of Tolerance. Members of the blind and
visually impaired community would like to ask the general public for more patience
and support when they are out and about with their guide dogs on public transport.

International Day of Tolerance started in 1996 as an initiative of UNESCO.

Annamari Kardon felt a huge burden lift of her chest: her guide dog Szikra passed
the traffic safety test.

Annamari is no stranger to feeling the stress of an exam situation as she is a musician.

Sitting at the piano during an exam  is completely different from holding the harness of my guide dog.