In the Turkish town of Antakya devastated by the earthquake, Tamas Mezosi and his search and rescue dog Trafi worked hard to find survivors. The Hungarian news outlet interviewed Tamas Mezosi after their return to Hungary. Tamas is the director
of Barathegyi Guide Dog School for the Blind.

Little ones and big ones repeated their tasks together during our puppy-meeting in February. Calling-up in more difficult circumstances was practiced with our dogs.

We met at a meadow behind the Memento-park, near the district called Kamaraerdő. Meanwhile the puppies had a great walk and playing with each other,

Alexa Vertesi, a university student from Budapest and her guide dog Titan passed the traffic safety test on a crowded and difficult route with ease.

You could tell straight away that Alexa and Titan have a close-knit relationship

-said Emese Barkoczi Kiralyne,