Five people with guide dogs of the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School, stood at the start-line this weekend at the HDR Not Just Run competition. This day was about the challenge, the pleasure of moving together and about solidarity for the visually impaired runners. The guide dogs proved again that they are able to take care of their owners while country-cross running,

On the World Day of the Guide Dogs for blind, we show you how to prepare a guidedog for this job and how much support they mean to a visually impaired person.

27 April is a very important date for me, because I go everywhere with the help of my dog.

Last Firday, we participated in a special charity concert in the Nádor Hall. Beside music, the guide dogs were in focus in the sold-out performance, as the organisers supported the Baráthegyi Foundation for School for Guide Dogs with the income of the concert.

The organisers and the performers of the piano concert were Ágnes Kövecs pianist and Annamari Kardon.