In August we visited in Bükkszentkereszt a day-camp . The children could try with covered eyes  how it feels to walk with a dog guide.

Katalin Viszokai Lékáné and Bodza (Elder)  was taking them help. Also, get acquainted with  guide dog Borcsa and her owner Zoli,

On July 30, in Sopron our couple Pál Gyetvai and Szeder (Blackberry) the guide dog passed the safety exam. The months-long practicing had its results, since very skillfully fulfilled their task exam. We would like to congratulate a great performance from them.

Early August was busy for us, as we had two new guide dog team’s (couples), Alexandra and Maya, and Ervin and Tex, who started their ‘handover programme’ on Monday.

All of them are lucky that – according to previous tests – they  have found each other with the help of the experts of Baráthegyi Vakvezető Kutya Iskola.

First development camp with guide dogs.
Project description:
The Baráthegyi hungarian Guide Dog School announcing the
First development camp with guide dogs.

Aims and objectives:

Professional programme for the visually impaired with guide dogs, who would like to improve in the field of living with a guide dog or taking part in traffic with them.