Thank you Laszlo Bito, that his birthday guests were given an opportunity to do something very good for the hungarian guide dogs.

Debóra Szabó from Kaposvar came in last week to begin a course of traning with Emi the guide dog who is a chocolate brown labrador bitch. A week passed a lot of learning and practice, which is very enthusiastically and assiduously restored. At the end of the week it had been cut with the long journey home.

To be held by the Hungarian State Treasury each year Treasury Cup event this year took place in Miskolc.

The BAZ County hosted colleagues from all over the country counties wanted to show that in Miskolc is the Baráthegyi hungarian Guide Dog School,

In August we visited in Bükkszentkereszt a day-camp . The children could try with covered eyes  how it feels to walk with a dog guide.

Katalin Viszokai Lékáné and Bodza (Elder)  was taking them help. Also, get acquainted with  guide dog Borcsa and her owner Zoli,