Szilaj, the guide dog, began his lifelong noble journey! After having waited for almost a year. Ilona Moncz could start her work with her guide dog Szilaj. A long journey is ahead of them, so they can learn to live and work together in complete harmony,

Together with our demo-guide-dog, Dió and the two student-guide-dog Bodza and Ebu, we made a visit at the Herman Ottó Elementary School in Alsózsolca, where we kept sensitization training in cooperation with colleagues from the Association for Disabled People and Friends of Miskolc. The topics of the day were tolerance and attentiveness to others.

It is never too late to learn and experience new things, like being led by a dog guide of course! This week members of the Indiánnyár Értelmiségi Kör from Miskolc came to meet us. Five different stages were set up for them so that they could experience how it feels to be blind:

  1. On the first stage they could experience difficulties blind people might have to mind and get over them when using a white cane.

We visited special education assistants at Art Deco Vocational School in Miskolc with Bodza, the student guide dog. Firstly, we talked about who the visually impaired are, in what and how we can help for them in everyday life. The students could become acquainted with Braille writing with the help of our visually impaired colleague,