WSR again, Hungaroring again, again can you “Trust Us with closed eyes!”

This year also welcomes all our hungarian guide dog school with interactive sensitizing program at the Hungaroring, within the framework of the World Series by Renault event.

Be brave and try it:

  • how much do you know about guide dogs
  • games,

Again organized the already traditional tour our guide dog in Hajógyári sziget (the Shipyard Island). Despite the gloomy time many people took us visually impaired people with guide dogs, volunteers and puppy trainers. In addition to regularly support us a lot of new hikers also interested in joining a small team.

Thank you Laszlo Bito, that his birthday guests were given an opportunity to do something very good for the hungarian guide dogs.

Debóra Szabó from Kaposvar came in last week to begin a course of traning with Emi the guide dog who is a chocolate brown labrador bitch. A week passed a lot of learning and practice, which is very enthusiastically and assiduously restored. At the end of the week it had been cut with the long journey home.