Post of Lilla

The success of our foundation is that in recent years, 101 of our dogs have been placed with puppy raisers, and many of them already help their visually impaired owners. We currently have quite a few young students. Please, welcome them with love. The article will be continued,

“We would like to draw the attention of dog owners, who are actively get about with their dogs, to the dangers of hot concrete. If possible, it is advisable to give shoes to their dogs, because heated surfaces are dangerous, they burn the dog’s soles”- our foundation pointed out.

How do visually impaired owners and guide dogs have fun? We’re in the summer, that’s why we asked this question to our clients.

Each respondent has a different idea of where and how they feel best. But it is essential for all guide dog owners that their dogs feel comfortable and safe when they have fun.

Mihály Dombai and his friends arrived at our foundation’s blind guide dog picnic by canoe. The “Körte (Pear) Paddling” is probably the first time that one of our clients has organized a fundraising event in such a spectacular way for our common case. It is a good feedback for us that our work and the help of guide dogs for visually impaired people is important.