Post of Berta László

Legenda (meaning ‘legend’ in English) is a beautiful black labrador just like his father.

He is human-centric and loves being among people. He is willing to put even food aside for some patting whenever someone visits him. Help Legenda fulfill his destiny and become a true companion to a visually impaired person after his training.

The latest generation of guide dogs was born. The name of the firstborn is Latte. Emese and Niki together helped 6 brothers and sisters to come into the world, and now they begin to introduce the puppies to you one by one.

Latte will be the first.

Huba’s master died after Christmas.  We knew that because of his age, Huba won’t
work as a guide dog anymore so we were looking for a family to adopt him. There
was a huge interest, many of you applied for Huba. Thanks for everyone who was
touched by his story!