Our community suffered a great loss last week. Vega, our one-year-old dog, has fell asleep forever. Despite our best effort, her life could not be saved. We call the attention of all the dog owners to vaccinate their dogs against infectious diseases,
as in most of the cases,

Another litter was born on 30 th April at our School for Guide Dogs. Since then, the puppies’ eyes and ears have started to open and they move more and more. There is a huge interest in them and it is not only because they are cute but because
they are,

Sandor Nagy and Szezám (Sesame) passed the road safety exam in Sopron.

The confidence coming from the guide dog carried everyone off their feet. The nervous owner was also impressed by her, so everything went well in the road safety exam.

We thank Mónika Köbli for training Szezám.