Trafi is a recognized rescue dog, he saved lives with his owner at the site of the earthquake in Turkey. Our dog is at full strength, but it’s time to take care of supplies so that the rookie can learn from him. Fortunately, a young talent appeared who seemed to have been born to be a rescue dog.

On the 28th March we held a sensitivity training for our volunteers at the Yettel Headquarters. Our charity’s work is supported by more that 250 volunteers, who help for example by raising the puppies, walking and exercising our guide dogs, providing transport to the doctor’s or the vet’s.

Our guide dogs at Barathegyi Guide Dog School show a great example for everyone how to use scooters around town. They were all able to ride a scooter on their own, what’s more, they even tried riding in tandem. Once finished, they put their scooters back in an orderly fashion.

Litter D’s two-week puppy rotation is almost over. Deka is a lovely little girl who has lived a quiet, peaceful life in the suburbs and has now conquered the city centre.

The D litter puppies have reached an exciting age: they are 6 months old and it’s time for their puppy swap.