Zina, one of our foundation’s breeding females, gave birth to 10 puppies at the beginning of September and during that time she was travelling a bit by car. The puppies are one week old now and they are growing nicely. We call them ’D’ litter so their names will start with ’D’.

Utopia signals when Eszter’s blood-sugar level drops even when she does not notice it.

The unique dog does not leave her until she gets better. But Utopia’s main task is to help Eszter get to her travel destination in a safe way. So they practise a lot.

Looking back to the month of August, it is almost unbelievable how many things have happened to us.

One thing is sure: we can get strength from the love of our dogs and people to be able to step forward.

Arthur and Brigi Went to the Freshmen’s Camp

Brigitta Hegedűs became the law student of the Miskolc University and took part in the Freshmen’s Camp with her guide dog.