Elvis and Mézes started their journey of a lifetime

In our school, two of our new pairs have started to prepare for living together at the beginning of January.

The two guide dogs spent the first week with their new owners. They got to know each other during this time and tried to solve everyday situations. So far, they have learnt only the basics, but the pairs have already walked together in the city. Dr. Tamás Mezősi rehabilitation teacher, the chair of our fund was always present during their practises.

György and Éva Várallyay brought up the one and a half year old Elvis, who is the dog of Szabolcs Kurucsai from Szeged. Besides, Mária Nyíriné Kovács trained the dog for the joint work. Annamária Mendler came from Törökszentmiklós, and she will be helped by Mézes, a two year old Labrador, who was trained by Piroska Komondi.


Annamária és Mézes
Annamária and Mézes
Szabolcs és Elvis
Szabolcs and Elvis

After the first week, the pairs have already moved home, so they are living together now. A long, joint work has started, during which both the dog and its owner acquire the knowledge which makes their everyday life easier, and Elvis and Mézes became a real help for these two visually-impaired people.

To achieve this, we wish good luck and successful cooperation for the new Baráthegyi-pairs!


Let’s do something VERY NOBLE together, in order that more people can live a more independent life!