Dóri and Fidzsi’s successful exam

We can rejoice at another successful traffic safety exam! Dóri and her guide dog Fidzsi demonstrated in Százhalombatta to the examiners that they were able to travel safely and independently together. They were supposed to go from their home to Dóri’s former secondary school. Although they did not get on any vehicle during the exam, they had many exciting tasks to complete. At first, three kittens thought that they would test Fidzsi’s patience and kept hanging around the team, but professional guide dog ignored them. Then there were some  dogs barking from behind the fences, but Fidzsi guided away his owner with complete confidence. This task was even more difficult because a car was parking halfway on the sidewalk and they had a very tight space to pass through. Of course, it was not a problem for Fidzsi. If that had not been enough,  trees were just being cut on their route and Dóri could hardly hear anything in the noise; however, Fidzsi performed his tasks completely calmly and precisely. They completed the exam perfectly and with exemplary cooperation. We would like to congratulate them on their great result!

In the picture there is a young girl standing in front of a closed white door. She is holding the leash of her guide dog, a yellow Labrador, who is sitting.
Dóri and Fidzsi