Corporate cooperation

Egy sárga labrador kiskutya sétál vakvezető hámban. A hámra rá van írva, hogy köszönjük.

An increasingly important concept in companies’ life is the so called corporate social responsibility, in short CSR. The point of CSR is that profit-oriented organizations undertake tasks, which serve not only the owners’ interest but also can contribute to the well-being of employees and the whole society. By these tasks the drive is not the financial gain but the recognition of the fact that we all live in the same world, in which we have to get along together.

Our foundation believes that people with disabilities are valuable members of society. If they receive the necessary support, which can offset their disadvantages, they can live a full and creative life just like healthy people. A blind man with a guide dog can enjoy the same freedom of movement as a healthy man. He can go to school or to work without problems and the time spent with family and friends can be more enjoyable. If we can give a guide dog to a blind man, it means also a chance for him to live a fuller and happier life andsociety is enriched by one more active citizen.

We are looking forward to meeting companies willing to take part in this work.

The law of business associations allows companies to deduct a proportion of the value of their donation given to non-profit organizations from their tax base.

Company collectives are also welcome, who as private citizens under the shield of their company’s CSR, offer their 1% income tax for a GREAT purpose:

Let’s do together something VERY GOOD: 1% for guide dogs for the blind! (campaign poster 2014)
Let’s do together something VERY GOOD: 1% for guide dogs for the blind! (campaign poster 2014)