Donating for creating value

The key to our professional success is the donation we receive. In the last years we have gradually grown, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour provided a stable background for this growth with its three consecutive tenders.

However, from May 2009 there was no new tender and there is no new support not until 2014. Fortunately, in 2014 announced a new application that lets us in 2015 for another three guide dog training opportunity.

In Hungary at least 40 000 blind and partially sighted people live and each year a further number of 5-6000 people lose their sight. For most of them a guide dog would be the biggest help but the state does not support this now.

On the picture you can see: three  Baráthegyi guide dogs  (black Labrador retriever and a golden yellow labrador)
Blind people living in Hungary is less than 1% of the guide dog helps, although they can provide an independent and autonomous life their owners

So at the moment we can help a blind person to get a guide dog only from in-house sources and donations.
Although more than 1000 blind people would like to have a guide dog, only max. 25 can get one each year.

How can you donate the guide dog training?

Click on the links below to get more detailed information about:

Trust your 1% of personal income tax to guide dogs!

Monetary donating

Online donation


CSR (Corporate cooperation)

Be voluntary!

To be able to train them to become guide dogs for the blind we are in badly need for supporters, who can support their development and thus disabled people.

From your donation we can cover costs like veterinary fee, flea and tick control, dog food, training fee, harness and other equipments. Without them we are not able to maintain the current capacity of our school.

You can support us with money donation, voluntary work, you can also apply for being a temporary owner or you can adopt a puppy virtually. Or if you can contribute to our work with your 1% of personal income tax it is also a great help for us.

Thank you for your support!