Diva Adventure

Dóri Pozsgay took part in our Tappancs és Tűsarok (Paws and High Heels) fashion show with guide dogs with her guide dog Ében and companion Brigi. She shared her experiences and emotions with us:

‘I have never thought that once I could walk down the red carpet in a dress suiting my style. But this has happened.

But let’s start at the very beginning where all this started. In the summer one of my friends – who also has a guide dog – mentioned that she would go to a fashion designer. I asked her if I could go with her, and she told me to ask Laci Berta. I wrote him an email but as at that time I didn’t have anyone to accompany and help me in the fashion show, I gave up the whole idea. Laci, however, told me that it wasn’t a problem, and I was very happy about it. Then everything happened very fast. At first, I had to describe my dream dress. It was the time when I dared to write that I had always wanted to wear a black, gothic, corset dress, but I thought that  no such dress would fit me. Nevertheless, we started a fervent search and finally we found Jelmez-Art Kft.  This company is located in Szolnok and we quickly organized to travel there. Of course, upon arriving I felt a bit strange, but this feeling disappeared in a few minutes. I was astonished with the kindness of the new people who introduced themselves one after another. Then finally came the moment, when entering another room, I was shown the dresses I could choose from. Actually, the whole room was full of dresses which I touched all over, and at last those three dresses were brought to me that most reflected my style. First, they showed me the dress that I eventually chose. From the very beginning I liked the cavalcade of straps running through my chest. The second was a sequined dress which – as the designer said – sparkled in light, and that’s why I liked that. The last one – if I remember well – had leather bows hanging from its upper part. At first, I tried to fit the sequined dress on. I got very scared because I felt it too tight even in the beginning. Secondly, I tried on the one that I had already mentioned to have chosen. It fitted me very easily, and I knew in that very moment that it would be the perfect dress. When trying on, I was overwhelmed with a euphoric feeling. Maybe that’s what brides feel when looking for their wedding dress and finding the  right one. At that moment I felt the same excitement that there was a dress which not only fitted me, but I also liked it. And then came a blazer which put the icing on the cake. They had shown it to me before the dresses and just like the dress, I had liked it at the first moment.

But it wasn’t the last item on the endless list of tasks. Not many people know this about me, but I like writing. As Laci had known this, he asked me to write a poem. It caused me a lot of difficulties because I had never written a poem about a specific thing. But slowly one rhyme came after the other, and after long hours of working, the masterpiece was written.

As the date of the show approached, the only big problem was to decide the order on the runway. Finally, we managed to sort this out, too, based on the colors of our dresses. The color of the dogs also played a role as – if I know well – at first the chocolate, then the yellow and finally the black (our) dogs came. I still didn’t have anyone to accompany me, and Zsuzsi offered to post in some groups. That’s how I found Brigi, who gave me not only support, but also jewelry to complete my dress.

In the picture Dóri is sitting on a chair and Ében, a black Labrador, is lying in front of her in harness.
Dóri and Ében are waiting

At last our big day came. The night before I could hardly sleep, so I got to the hairdresser long before our appointment. Yes, a hairdresser, because I had to have my hair done, so it wouldn’t look like on weekdays. By the time I got home, my parents had already arrived and helped me with a lot of things. At first my mum helped me to put the accessories on, and then my dad gave me a lift to the venue of the show and also took my dress. After arriving, my parents left me alone and the preparation continued. I was given some help to put my dress on, as I don’t know how I would have done it without any help. Then came the make-up, and mine was done among the first ones. After getting ready, I tried to walk down the stairs in my dress and slightly high-heeled shoes. My first attempt turned into a catastrophe, as the train of my blazer stuck into the goo that was supposed to prevent slipping on the floor, so actually we had to set it free. Fortunately, by the time I reached the end of the stairs, Brigi had already been there and we found out how to walk down the stairs. Then we were waiting and sitting next to one of my guests who was my favorite psychopedagogy teacher. It was very encouraging in that exciting moment.

In the picture Dóri is walking on the red carpet while taking Brigi’s arm and holding the harness of her guide dog.
Dóra on the red carpet with Brigi and Ében

After that my poem was read out and finally I could step on the red carpet with Ében and Brigi. I was a little afraid that my heels would stick into one of the staircases as it had happened on a rehearsal. I also paid attention to where to turn since there were landings of 45 degrees to make the walking down easier. And after I reached the end of the stairs, I waited for Brigi to step beside me, so I could take her arm. I tried to pay attention to everything during walking. After that we could go to our guests. Then some programs were held. Finally, I asked Brigi to help me change my clothes. As usual, I was the last one to leave the venue.’