Dia and Bagira successfully pass their traffic safety exam

After months of practice Dia Danis and her guide dog Bagira successfully passed their traffic safety exam on 9th March 2020. They are a living proof that two hearts can beat as one – even if one those hearts belongs to a dog!

Dia, apart from being visually impaired, has an ear condition that can upset her sense of balance on a regular basis. Quite often she finds it difficult to keep her balance when moving around, sometimes even to the point of falling over. She has been using equine therapy to help with her sense of imbalance and now her guide dog Bagira can assist her in keeping her feet steadily on the ground. 

“It was a pleasure to witness the process of their becoming a team through their loving relationship,” said Darinka Farkas, Bagira’s guide dog trainer. “You can see their love for each other on the picture. I am very proud of both of them!”

Dia now has a companion for life in the shape of her guide dog Bagira. You can help other visual impaired people to receive such a companion by donating 1% of personal income tax to Barathegyi Guide Dog School for the Visually Impaired. 

Back in November, two of our human/canine teams passed their exams successfully: Tamas Antal Batiz and his black Labrador Grafit, who were a match made in heaven right from the beginning. Irisz Kobli, our other member said she will never forget the first time she met her new guide dog Dolly. “It was love at first sight, just like with my old guide dog Larry 25 years ago,” Irisz said. “I couldn’t wait for the day Dolly can stay with me for good.”

Laszlo Bokros and his dog Felho (Cloud) passed their exam back in October and have been tuned into each other to work together perfectly right from the beginning.