Daniel and Origo successfully passed the exam today!

Both of them were extremely clever, and after their exam was qualified excellent, Origo officially as well, became a personal service dog.
Our duo have proved that they know everything, which can happen in such a difficult exam, in a shopping centre in Szerencs. Daniel, a young man with motor impairment, is able to go somewhere by using a powered moped. Origo was concentrating continuously how he has to help him, even when they were moving along beside each other in the crowd before Christmas.

Origo did not have any difficulties with the outdoor tasks as well, he expertly got in and out of the car, he responded well when he was called in, then he was carrying the basket in the shop, he did not let himself to be distracted when a stranger approached to him and he neglected the inviting smells of the food counter and the pieces of food were „accidently” dropped in his way. This last action is part of the exam because a service dog goes everywhere with his owner, therefore, for his own sake we teach every service dog not to pick up unknown food. Of course, after the exam, he got nice treats.

Being without each other is unimaginable for both of them

We are very proud of our couple and a little bit of ourselves as well. The main feature of our organisation is to train guide dogs for blind, but since we have joined into the training of personal service dog, Origo is the third successful „pupil” in this area, following Okker and Alma.

Origo is an excellent partner due to his warm look, soft fur and easy-going personality, whom can be trusted all the time. Dani feels that he cannot imagine his life without Origo and our dog feels the same. I am very pleased with their exam.

– said Emese Királyné Barkóczi, Origo’s trainer.

Good dog has found its fellow

Thanks for our puppy raiser, Nóra Kelemen puppy raiser, for the lot of love and care she gave Origo. We asked her to write about the feelings and memories she has now:

Origo was an 8-week-old puppy when arrived to me, before Christmas. He goldened the holidays not only with his yellowish fur but with his personality and the mission he was born for. I adored every minute of this volunteer job, the challenges and the tasks he brought with him.
Not only the puppy has to learn a lot but the person who raises him as well. Now, after raising up the third puppy I can say that none of the dogs are the same, and there are new funny situations and exiting moments all the time. I am very happy that a well

adapting dog has found its fellow, whom he can help. Releasing these dogs are never easy as those „love-parcels” easily became attached to our hearts. I was happy with him and I kept receiving pictures and reports of his development during his training and I had the chance to get in touch with Dani. I am so proud of being part of a team and the miracle they achieve. I think once someone starts this, will not be able to stop dealing with dogs, and being a volunteer.

Dear Dani, Origo, we wish you many happy years together.