Csaba and His Guide Dog, Bonca

Csaba has been helped by his beloved four-legged friend, Enya for eight years in his travels. As the charming guide dog grew old, she could perform her duties in the hustle and bustle of  the big city with increasing difficulty, sothe time has come for her to start a well-deserved retirement. Csaba decided to take care of his dog for the rest of her life as wellthanking her that she watched his steps with great care. However, Csaba also had to think over how he would continue his own life. Over the last eight years Enya gave him incredible freedom and independence, so he couldn’t imagine walking and travelling without a guide dog. That’s why he feels lucky that Enya was able to work until our foundation could provide him with a fairy and clever guide dog, Bonca. The two dogs get on very well with each other. Bonca is active and enthusiastic; she guides his owner to his workplace happily, while Enya warmly welcomes them every day.

In the picture a visually impaired man is being guided by its chocolate brown guide dog. The man is holding the leash of a yellow Labrador in his right hand. Csaba Tanai with his guide dog, Bonca and his retired guide dog, Enya.
Csaba Tanai with his guide dog, Bonca and his retired dog, Enya