Community service with guide dogs

Where to complete your community service? At Baráthegyi! The students of Zrínyi Ilona High School and Avasi High School in Miskolc who wish to complete their community service at us visited our centre. In order to be able to help professionally and confidently to, visually impaired people, they took part in our program aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes. After talking about the everyday life of visually impaired people and guide dogs, everybody learned how to guide a visually impaired person and could try out walking with the help of a white cane and a guide dog. We had a good time in the entire forenoon. Dear students, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you in our team!

The image is a group photo. The students are standing next to each other. In front of them there are two students squatting and between them there is a black Labrador.
The group