Christmas of Bukfenc (Tumble)

Bukfenc patiently stood in line, then walked in the snow and took part in decorating the Christmas tree. Dóra, the puppy raiser of our future guide dog shares her Christmas experiences with 7 months old Bukfenc.

We participated at the Christmas Charity Photoshoot

The line was so long…

… but Bukfenc was waiting patiently.

It almost became a white Christmas

He helped with decorating the Christmas tree

He examined everything carefully

We were a little worried that he would see the decorations as balls and try to get them, which would be dangerous because there are also real glass balls, but luckily he just looked at his favorites with a reverent head.

The most beautiful gift

This moment was not easy to capture, because a few minutes before, the “big ones” were outside and a firework or firecracker went off. Mango, who was not afraid of such things in previous years, was so scared that he ran to the balcony window, and it was difficult to calm him even inside. We took great care of him on New Year’s Eve!

Call for volunteers!

We are looking for applicants for our puppy raising program!

We are waiting for applications from all over the country. The playful and active puppies spend a year with our volunteer puppy raisers. They are trained as guide dogs after this period, but the relationship is not broken. Be an important part of a guide dog’s life!

We will hold an interesting training course where we will provide all important information on January 13th, 2024.

Please make a final decision about your application after reading our article on raising puppies:

Complete the application form, which you can also find in the above link.

Thank you for your interest!

Bukfenc and his puppy raiser, Dóra at a puppy meeting in September 2023, when we practiced at the Budapest Keleti station.