Children’s Favorites: Bóbita, Dió and Fanni

Family event “Every Day Children’s Day” was fantastic in Miskolc, where we were also invited. By the end of the program, our dogs built a real fan base. Demonstrator dogs Dió and Bóbita showed enthusiastically to those interested what it is like to walk with a guide dog.

In the picture Bóbita, a black Labrador is guiding a little girl. Bobita’s trainer is walking beside them.
Bóbita is guiding a brave little girl

In return, the children overwhelmed the dogs with delicious treats and comforting caress. Fanni, a professional guide dog, got an abundance of caressing while lying next to his owner, who demonstrated Braille to the children.

In the picture Fanni, a black Labrador is lying on the ground in guide dog’s harness. A little boy is standing beside and smiling at him.
Fanni charmed everyone

We would like to thank Viktoria Prekob for the invitation. It was a very good event, rich in experiences.