Children’s Day with Guide Dogs

We participated in Children’s Day in Mozgásjavító Álatlános Iskola (Motion Correction Elementary School) in Sály. We were greatly welcomed by the children. Diamond, the demonstrator dog, approached every pupil for some caresses. Beside caresses he got a lot of hugs and dog treats.

AIn the picture there is a black Labrador lying on a rug. Children are sitting around her caressing her
Many children were stroking Diamond

With the help of Dió, an experienced colleague of Diamond, the pupils could experience what it feels like to walk with the help of a guide dog.

In the picture there is a boy in a wheelchair guided by a black Labrador. The wheelchair is pushed from behind.
Dió is guiding a brave student

Several disabled children in wheelchair were curious about how a dog could help them. It was demonstrated by Dió, who gave the children back the dropped, discarded objects. The kids really enjoyed that Dió brought them back everything and then he snuggled up to them for a stroke. Thank you for the invitation; it was a truly stupendous day for all of us.