Children’s Day in Békásmegyer

Our team was participating in a Children’s Day event at Pais Dezső Primary School in Békásmegyer.The children were able to experience through playful activities what it is like being blindfolded and walking through the school yard with the assistance of a white cane or a guide dog.

In the picture there is a little girl standing and holding the handle of  the harness of a yellow Labrador.
With Zorien

Students had come to realize that guide dogs can offer their owners much more help than an inanimate tool. In a mere two hours several students got acquainted with our dogs -in-training, Bogi and Zorien, as well as our puppy-in-training Fecske.  They would like to thank for the many caresses they received.

In the picture there is a yellow Labrador lying in harness with a lttle girl squatting beside her. The dog is being caressed in the meantime.
with Bogi