Cheeky Pup Transform into Guide Dog

Agota Lukacs and her guide dog Oliver, who live in Szolnok, have recently passed the traffic safety test successfully. The human-canine duo have been working together since October 2022.

“Oliver used to be a very cheeky student of mine” – said Darinka Farkas, head trainer at Barathegyi Dogschool for the Blind. “We used to call him Bendeguz, from a Hungarian movie, becasue he was so cheeky. Oli is a very bright, intelligent dog who has matured somewhat by the age of 3. He really loves Agota and watches her every step, looking after her all the time. They make a wonderful loving couple” – Darinka added.

When we asked Agota to comment about the exam day, she had a lot to say about her canine companion:

“I was really relaxed up until the examination officer entered the room. Our chosen route was between the office and the bus station and back again to the office. This route is not particularly difficult as we do it with Oliver every day, yet, I was still nervous. Oliver picked up on my nervousness and felt the importance of the situation. He was brilliant throughout the exam and we managed to pass with flying colours. Now we can carry on learning new things together and enjoy every day as he makes me laugh with his wonderful personality.”

He is a Plush Teddy now

“Oliver used to be very cheeky and steel my loo paper rolls and slippers” -Agota continued. “His favourite activity is grabbing a toy and calling my two elderly dogs for a play by gently growling at them. As they are 12 and 13 years old, it is easy for Oliver to win this game! We like to call him Plush Teddy as a his nickname!”

Why don’ you sit down, Oliver?

“Yesterday we got on a bus and found a place to sit on the left hand aisle. I sat down and the dog reversed under my seat. I asked him to sit down which he refused. I asked him: Why aren’t you sitting down; when realised that his tail got stuck on my chair and I sat on it by accident! The dog didn’t complain at all but with his tail stuck on my chair, he couldn’t sit down!”

Where is the potato?

“On one of our first weekends together, Oliver climbed up onto my lap while I was trying to peel some potatoes. He wanted my attention but I carried on with the potatoes anyway. My phone buzzed in my pocket which made the dog jump and I dropped one of the potatoes. I asked him to bring it back to me but by the time he got back to me, the potatoe was gone!”