Check Gandhi

Good form-masters are concerned their former students, what happens with them during the years. We think the same way, that is why we check our senior dogs. Gandhi, the chocolate male dog looks the same as in his young ages, only on his chin and around his ears can be found grey hairs.

We are very happy with the good shape of the 9-year-old dog. It seems well that his owner, Márta treats him right and provides him the best of all. As our trainer welcomed Gandhi good health and joyfulness as he made a good run in dog park with others being trained, she asked if she could help anything. The owner told her that there was a little halt with the high stairs of vehicles of public tranport, so they went to a tram stop.

Gandhi has some uncertain feelings with high stairs. It could be difficult to recall the cause. Assumed that he had bad experience with high-floor “Hannover” trams. Getting on and off is not clear situation when high steps should be applied. Here gradualism is also important, so we do practise getting on and off at tram terminal in order to release his fear. Became better, but not reached the end, so we did continue practising

-said Nyíriné Kovács Mária, Ghandhi’s trainer.

We keep our eyes on our dogs until the end of life
During our meeting we get information about general condition and leading attitude as well. It is important to pay attention on condition, fur situation, temper and task. We do not leave visually impared owners out of consideration either. We do long discussions asking how they feel, are there any difficulties, talking about what we could help.